All our Healers, Doctors, Astrologers & Massage Therapists have been tested over and over again for many years by Swami Dhyan Osho and on his clients from all parts of the world. We give you the best of the best services that we expect for ourselves. We love honesty and straightforwardness & in the past we have dropped healers and doctors from our group just because they became greedy and started caring for personal interests bypassing our rules of fairness.

Since we are not a Non-Profit organization, we do charge basic fees to help people. For many years we did try helping people for free or for a very low amount but that did not support our expenses and did not work for us or for the people who were being helped.

Pros and Cons of our Basic Healing:


  1. We do not provide any information about your enemies, i.e. who is doing the black magic on you, when, where, why and how was it started etc.
  2. Our healing is not instant and we cannot heal all your issues overnight in a permanent way.
  3. We cannot stop black magic at the source.
  4. For your safety and our safety, we communicate through email only.
  5. We do not reverse any black magic or fight with your enemies.
  6. You will have to make changes in your lifestyle for our healing to work faster.
  7. You will need to drop some meat or all meat from your diet depending upon the seriousness of your case (Pork, Beef & Sea Food etc.).
  8. You will have to stop consuming Alcohol, Coffee, Smoking and Recreational Drugs in case they are part of your lifestyle.


  1. Our healing works 24/7 compared to a one-time healing done by other healers.
  2. We offer a 5-day money back guarantee for NON-SERIOUS cases and after 5 days we prorate the fee.
  3. You can cancel anytime and we will refund you any future balance that we owe you.
  4. You can start experiencing positive results within few days/weeks of starting the healing.
  5. We do not use any form of magic (black or white), candle burning, spells or rituals to heal people.
  6. We only use the help of divine spirits from the higher realm to heal people.
  7. Our system offers the safest form of healing you can ever come across.
  8. Our healing heals you at the root level.
  9. Our healing keeps you young and reverses some of the aging damage caused to you by years of black magic being done on you.

If you have the Desire, Determination, Will Power, Patience & Resources to stick with us for few months, we will bring you back to the point where you will start experiencing peace and tranquility BUT you MUST have a Passion for Change. If you are going to stick to your old beliefs & stigmas or you have certain notions and expectations from us, we cannot help you. You must follow our rules and guidelines.